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august is almost over yet my calendars still say its july. i have no idea where all this time went but i'm still stuck being the same person i was a month ago, in the same situations that hover above my skin and weigh me down. i can't write in this journal anymore so i'm closing it indefinately. maybe ill open one up elsewhere but in the meantime:
aim: believeinstars
or find me on facebook

there's no excuse for losing touch
ironside, kaye

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it smells like autumn today in the way that clouds fold endlessly amongst the sky. its been lazy yet lovely, i finally got to discuss harry potter with a person who's read it, and i reread the ending now i feel tired of it. these feels are shoved into my brain unable to be processed immediately. the final book is here and gone. beautiful as ever yet it leaves me feeling kind of strange, i'm not sure what to do with myself. 2007 has been a year of endings. its only july yet ive read the final installments of three beloved series, watched the series finales of two of the only three television shows that i watch and left education behind for a world of utter unknown. 

and now i just dont feel like i can talk to most people, my heart is caught in my chest and i am tired of trying so hard yet receiving nothing. friendship is a sticky word that is vastly defined by the song that first reached my ears an entire decade ago. on friday night taylor hanson deemed mmmbop to be a ballad to us, of ten years. the knowledge that only the important people last. hold on to the one's who really care. and i find myself holding on to those who are so far away, and those who only exist on paper and in the minds of others.

i'm off to get hot chocolate on a july night, arming myself with my italia sweatshirt and mountains of nostalgia i dont think ill ever be able to climb in my dreams
ironside, kaye

harry potter!

last night at the hanson show there were kids in front of us singing church music. i told michelle that "maybe jesus was going to visit" and she asked "at midnight?" while we both confirmed "With harry potter!" So, I decided Jesus and Harry Potter were going to duel. My joke of the night was, "Yeah, but Harry Potter would go all "expeliamos!" (why can't i ever spell that?) on JC then realize that Jesus doesn't neeed a wand~!

anyway.... i'm going to make this semi quick, i'm sure there will be more later but...

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PS does anyone have any suggestions for a harry potter tattoo for me? After reading seven, i have NO idea. Gah.

ironside, kaye

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it's 6:47 am and i've yet to sleep, i tried twice but the silence was only taken over by the rapidness of my heart.
i wont sleep now
because i'm too busy acting on piracy and finding out endings before it is time
ironside, kaye

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an update on me, my life and this week:
i'm bleeding out of my vagina
i have high blood sugar
i'm getting my computer fixed
i'm looking for a new job
hanson (!!!) on friday
harry potter (!!!) on friday & saturday
hanson (!!!) again on saturday night after an unslept me attempts to rock out.

downside: unless i want to hang out in providence for six or so hours by myself, i dont know when/if i'll get a wrist band for harry. downside: harry's possible fate. downside: hanson... you suck for coming to MA this weekend.
upside: hanson! harry potter! uhhh 'nuff said
ironside, kaye

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this summer heat is making me melt and all my days are turning into one giant sticky lump of existance. i have 1000 more pages to read this week before friday night (annddd 600+ to read friday night, weee) and i really wish i had a swimming pool